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If you are experiencing financial difficulties, Alterfina’s credit solutions are not complicated! No need to go through complex application processes, send documents and fund deposits. At Alterfina, we know your time is precious and that there are easier and faster methods to get access to personal financing. That is why we offer 100% secure and confidential online credit facilities, which guarantee you cash in a timely manner thanks to same-day direct deposits. You only have to fill out the online application form to apply for credit.

At Alterfina, we understand you don’t have time to lose and that you have urgent needs. That is why we developed an online financing solution to serve you as fast as possible and fix your short-term money problems with flexible borrowing options. Amounts from $500 to $2,500 are here to help you quickly, with no credit check, in a 100% confidential and secure way. You can now borrow cash instantly online or you can call our agents who are here to answer all your questions by email or telephone to help you in your application process. Learn more!

Whether it be for a bill payment or for an urgent need of money, Alterfina is here for your small amounts of cash financing, starting from $500 up to $2,500. When financial issues come, we understand you need a simple solution that will not affect your long-term financial health. That is why we propose personal financing solutions with no credit check. No need to deal with financial institutions, we’re here to serve and help you with your needs! Learn more!

When we find ourselves confronting a financial issue, we know that this situation can be stressful, even more when we have an urgent need for money. To obtain a loan with a traditional financial institution in Canada, a credit check must be made to verify your solvability. A low credit score leads to a loan refusal. We know that those situations lead to frustration and incomprehension. At Alterfina, we are here to help you with a short-term financial solution. At Alterfina, you can borrow money despite your credit history. An application for a personal credit can be done and send under few minutes so that we can help you as fast as possible. Learn more!

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CA$167 by pay for approximately 182 days

*Indicative amount. Refer to the legal notices page

What’s a credit check?

When an organisation or a financial institution proceeds to a credit check, that means that they are asking for access to information found in your credit file. They verify your past credit history, your credit rating, your reimbursement capacity based on your current income level and do other credit verifications. When the credit investigation is done, banks or other financial institutions will make a decision regarding your solvency report. A bad credit score can lead to a loan rejection.

At Alterfina, no need to worry about your past credit history. We are a no credit check lender who offer short term cash financing solutions, in a 100% secure and confidential way and no matter your financial situation. Whether it be for a weekend getaway, and unexpected expense or a bill payment, borrow money online for your financial emergencies!

How to get your credit facility?

Step 1 Fill up the online application

Fill up the online application

Takes only a few minutes to complete

Step 2 Instant Bank Verification

Instant Bank Verification

No need to send any document

Step 3 Direct funds deposit

Direct funds deposit

Same day deposit 1

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IBV technology makes your life easier.

If you need to get credit, our instant bank verification technology (IBV) is here to make the task much simpler. With the IBV, the most secure and most used technology in Canadian financial institutions, you will have access to your credit application without any waiting and complications.

The instant bank verification gives our agents access to your last 90-day read-only bank statement without having to do a credit check and without credit history. We will not have access to your banking or personal information. The bank statement will immediately be erased after our verification. After our analysis, your application will be approved, and your money directly deposed in your bank account so that you can enjoy your funds. To fill in an application form, click here.

No documents, no paperwork needed!

The document sending process to obtain a loan can often be long and annoying. That is why at Alterfina, we want to make the application process for a microcredit as easy as possible.

With our instant bank verification technology, no document, no paper, and no need to scan anything to make an application. You only have to send your IBV via your financial institution and it’s a done deal! You’ll be approved quickly and without having to search for old bills, get a specimen check or sending an identity proof or legal documents. Everything is 100% online and our agents are available to answer any question you might have regarding your application, our services or if you need help to determine a flexible reimbursement calendar with you. Click here to ask for your financing.

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Quick and paperless financing from $500 to $2,500 at all time

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Annual interest rate (APR) of 18.99%.

Be over 18, reside in Quebec and have a stable income.

Amortisation calendarFinancial support and credit scoreRepayment Period

Amortisation calendar

We determine your minimum payments together, according to your reimbursement capacity and the period during which you want to payback your facility’s balance.

-Membership fees are payable as long as there is a balance owing on your credit facility.

Financial support and credit score

Our company complies to canadian legal norms. If a special situation arises during your use of a credit facility, our service team is available to assist you in making the changes you need. The transactions taking place on your credit facility do not affect your credit rating in either a positive or negative way because we do not report to credit bureaus.

-The repayment amount cannot be lower than 5% of the credit facility’s initial balance.
-Our product is geared towards ponctual use and reimbursement over a period of a few weeks.

Repayment Period

Our variable credit facilities are usually repaid in 3 to 6 months. Be responsible and borrow with moderation. We strongly suggest that you think of your needs and not apply for a higher sum than necessary. For example, if you wan to use our credit facilities, you can use this model : a withdrawal of $750 with bi-weekly repayments of $121.01 will take 10 installments.
This information is an example and considers that the money used at the time of the first withdrawal has been paid back in full before making another cash advance. In the example above, the $24.20 membership fees are included in the repayment amount.

Our credit facilities have flexible repayments, according to the terms of our client convention and can be repaid before the average 3 to 6 months in which they are usually repaid. You can choose to pay a partial amount or the whole balance at any time.

1 If your file is completed and approved before 2:30 p.m. Click here for more details.