About us

We believe that everybody should have access to financing options adapted to their needs. That’s why, since our creation in 2013, we’re looking to simplify the daily lives of thousands of Canadians by offering them simple and effective alternative credit solutions.

Our mission

We offer credit solutions adapted to your needs,

by placing you at the heart of our services, to favour your peace of mind. Simply. Efficiently. No judgment.

Our vision

Offer the financial solutions of tomorrow today,

with the will to be the best alternative when it comes to personal financing and to give our clients the tools they need to adopt healthy financial habits.

Our values


with our clients, our employees, our partners, we act with respect, under all circumstances.
We want to build and maintain our relations based on trust, collaboration, esteem of others and ourselves. We rely on a healthy, inclusive, and stimulating work environment, which favours exchanges and knowledge sharing.

Confidentiality policy

Your information remains confidential.

According to our confidentiality policy, only you and our employees responsible for your account at Alterfina have access to information collected in your application for a credit facility. Your information is kept confidential at all times. That is our guarantee.

Our social responsibility

We are committed to building relationships with our clients through kindness, integrity, respect and by seeking to equip them in their credit management.

We’re committed to our industry by relying on excellence and innovation, adopting the best practices, and offering assistance that protects our customers.

We are proud members of the Canadian lenders association (CLA), who has as an objective to support the growth of bank and non-bank companies that are in the business of lending. Members effectively and responsibly use best technologies and business practices to address the needs of Canadians and support their ability to improve their credit rating.

Canadian Lenders Association

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"Great when you need help and great customer service thank you"

  • Caroline

"Thank you for your trust! I appreciate the team who offered great service, thanks!"

  • Guy

"I thank you for your agents who called me at home to confirm. The staff is kind and polite. Thanks for your quick answer! The delay for my deposit was quick."

  • Sandie

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